Sustainable Fish Cities Campaign Report

Toby Morris led the CSF team of the Cambridge Hub’s Social Innovation Program from October to December of last year, and has provided us with a report of his group’s work on the Sustainable Fish Cities campaign, detailing the creative plans they have come up with to promote the project in Cambridge:

SIP Final Photo‘Throughout the last academic term, I have been lucky enough to work alongside a group of fellow Cambridge Students and Bev Sedley, of CSF, in order to bring the national ‘Fish Cities’ campaign to Cambridge and its surrounding villages. The national campaign began at the London 2012 Olympics and aims to collect pledges from local organisations stating that they will only sell sustainably sourced fish. The ultimate aim is to create Sustainable Fish Cities (SFCs) which produce and consume only sustainably sourced fish.

The team of six students was put together as part of the Social Innovation Programme (SIP), which partners student consultancy groups to local initiatives. Our team carried out extensive research which culminated in two main pieces of work. Firstly, the team contacted 144 local organisations from a range of sectors, producing a database of organisations which the Cambridge campaign can target as their primary pledgees. In addition to this, the team developed a detailed campaign strategy to address both public attitudes and current Cambridge practices. Some of the more exciting campaign strategies proposed include a fish festival, a community fish mosaic, and a ‘fish mob’ – an original take on a flash mob.

Daniel Mezzina-Samuels, a member of the student team, speaks of his experience and his hopes for the Campaign: “I really enjoyed my time working as a member of ‘team fish’, a lovely bunch of people, and have every confidence that Cambridge stands a great chance at becoming a leading SFC in the future”.

Having handed the SIP report over to Bev Sedley, the project is now in the hands of Cambridge Sustainable Foods. The Fish Cities campaign has reached 14 towns and cities in the UK to date and Cambridge now has the opportunity to become a leading force within the campaign. Cambridge, watch this space!’

Toby Morris (December 2014)