Sustainable Eateries

We have compiled a list of restaurants and cafe’s in the Cambridge area which offer delicious, sustainable food. From food trucks to fine dining, there is a sustainable eatery for every occasion!


  • Rainbow Café – One of Cambridge’s only Vegetarian cafe’s, which is open for both lunch and dinner. The Rainbow Cafe prides itself on making fresh food daily, using natural ingredients free from any additives, colouring’s or artificial flavourings.
  • Camyoga Café (stem and glory) – A newly opened vegan cafe which is owned by the Camyoga franchise! Plenty of health conscious options available.
  • The Garden Café  – The Garden Cafe is located in the idyllic Cambridge Botanical Gardens, a great spot for lunch in a beautiful setting. Their cakes are supplied by local bakery Roberta’s Patisserie, who uses local ingredients in all of their recipes.
  • The Garden Kitchen – The Garden Kitchen runs in partnership with The Garden Cafe. It’s a lovely cafe along Mill Road which provides a great selection of lunches and cakes, served in a handy and quick to use buffet style.
  • Co. – Co. Fifteen opened in the Summer of 2016 with the aim of becoming one of the most sustainable,  eco-friendly and forward thinking cafe’s in the city. We have since given them a gold sustainable food award for business! Read more about Co here.
  • Hot Numbers – Hot Numbers specialises in coffee, supplying various cafe’s and restaurants in Cambridge with locally sourced and seasonal varieties. It has two cafe’s in Cambridge, one on Trumpington Street and the other on Gwydir Street.
  • Bridges – Bridges is located on Bridge Street in Cambridge, which is a beautiful location overlooking the River Cam. There are plenty of fresh and healthy lunch options, with an emphasis on nutrition.
  • Urban Larder – The Urban Larder is a cosy coffee shop and deli located in the heart of Mill Road, serving up delicious lunch options from salads to toasties, all locally sourced.


  • Novi – Novi is a great place to go whether you’re after a coffee and brunch or a cocktail in the evening! They also host a number of exciting pop ups in partnership with lots of independent Cambridge eateries, check out their website to keep updated.old-bicylce-shop
  • Pint Shop  – Pint Shop offers an environment where you can either go for a few beers, a light lunch or a full blown feast. A great spot for a casual dinner with friends.
  • The Old Bicycle Shop – The old Howe’s Bicycle Shop has been given a new lease of life as a restaurant and bar. The Old Bicycle Shop offers everything from brunch and dinner to tasty cocktails in a quirky setting which celebrates its past.
  • Nanna Mexico – Nanna Mexico is a local Mexican takeaway chain, with two restaurants in Cambridge and one in Norwich. We have recently awarded them a silver sustainable food award for business for their commitment to using local ingredients. Read more about Nanna Mexico here.

Food Trucks/ Market Stalls

  • Food Park  – The Food Park is a great way to try out a variety of local Cambridge eateries. Some of our favourites include ‘The Wandering Yak’ and ‘Steak and Honour‘, so be sure to try them out!
  • Holy Schnitzels – Holy Schnitzels is another local food truck company who can also be found at the Food Park, and they make a variety of delicious Austrian Schnitzel dishes.  They were recently at our Pumpkin Festival Farmer’s Market event at the Cambridge Museum of Technology, and they went down a treat! We have recently awarded them a silver sustainable food award for business, read more about them here.
  • The Lick  – The Lick specialises in Caribbean street food, sourcing all of its ingredients from local suppliers. Authenticity and sustainability are at the heart of the business.
  • The LickProvenance Kitchen – Provenance Kitchen is a food truck offering up delicious seasonal food! It can be found outside Thirsty on Thursdays (6-9pm) and at Espresso Library on Fridays at the same time.