Traditional World War 2 Recipes

Here are some links to a collection of wartime recipes. We hope you have fun experimenting!



  1. Woolton Pie– a classic wartime vegetable pie
  2. Potato Pastry– a pastry that uses potato to make your flour go further
  3. Potato Jane– a potato dish which is healthier than the classic potato dauphinoise
  4. Vegetable Au Gratin– a creamy vegetable mix with a crispy breadcrumb topping
  5. National Wheatmeal Loaf– a classic wholemeal bread recipe
  6. Potato Soup– a simple soup recipe
  7. Wartime Sausage Roll– a steamed sausagemeat dinner recipe
  8. Devilled Fish– spicy baked fish topped with crispy breadcrumbs
  9. Baked Fish Cakes– cod fishcakes which are cooked in the oven
  10. Macaroni and Bacon– a wartime comfort dish of dairy-free macaroni



  1. Victory Sponge– an eggless steamed sponge pudding
  2. Rhubarb and Date Pudding– a dish of softened fruit with a crispy top
  3. Bread Pudding– a mixture of bread, spices and dried fruit
  4. Wartime Muesli– soaked oats with dried fruit and nuts
  5. Honey Biscuits– crunchy biscuits sweetened with honey
  6. Potato Scones– a scone which stays within your rationing limits
  7. Mock Apricot Flan– a pastry shell filled with an apricot impersonator
  8. 1918 War Cake– an eggless and milk-free fruit cake recipe
  9. Wartime Chocolate Truffles– a homemade truffle recipe
  10. Mock Cream– a creative wartime cream recipe