Transition Cambridge Food Group

newTClogo copy (1)Transition Cambridge is part of the Transition Towns Network, and aims to help Cambridge make the transition to ways of life that are more resilient in the face of an uncertain energy future and a changing climate. The Food Group has a focus on supporting and fostering a sustainable local food culture and supply.

The group arranges workshop sessions  (a recent workshop was on fermented food), discussions on issues related to the global food system, and occasional visits to places of interest, but most importantly initiates and supports a range of hands-­on, practical projects based around growing fruit and vegetables.Harvest_Part_One

Some of the projects being organised by different food group members are:

  • Grow Your Own: practical sessions on the Trumpington allotments led by an experienced grower
  • GrowZones:­ groups of people who share the work of preparing, sowing and maintaining their vegetable garden throughout a growing season
  • Crop Share: supporting a local organic farm with practical help
  • Growing Spaces: making use of unused spaces around the city for edible planting
  • Rock Abundance:­ swap and share fruit and veg stallsFruit Harvest project ­ helping to harvest and distribute fruit from people’s gardens
  • Romsey Community Garden

flying_squashThrough these projects we hope to encourage more people to experience the benefits and enjoyment of growing their own, to find ways of sharing produce and skills, and to work together to create positive communities.

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