Access the University of Cambridge Sustainable Food Guidelines

Back in October 2016, the University of Cambridge approved the The Environment and Energy Department’s new Sustainable Food Policy. The policy, now being implemented in all University Catering Service cafes and outlets, is already generating positive change.

The Food Policy has very much been a collaborative effort in the making. One student, as part of a Cambridge Living Lab Project, showed, through her own research, the impact that reducing ruminant meat consumption has on CO2 emissions. Her research, along with that of other students and staff in The Environment and Energy Department, has fed into the new Sustainable Food Policy.

The Environment and Energy Department have now released sustainable food guidelines, which may be of use to any local business looking to develop their sustainable food policy. These include ideas around sustainable food procurement as well as well as guidelines for setting up sustainable food themed events.

Follow the links through to their website to find out more!