Catering and Food Procurement

Nearly half of all food is now eaten outside the home; by introducing sustainable food options and policies, catering services and procurement officers can bring about huge change in our food culture.

Some of Cambridge Sustainable Food’s work in this area includes:

  • Sustainable Fish Cities campaign.
  • Promoting local box schemes, LEAF marque produce etc: Cofco, a member of Cambridge Sustainable Food network, supplies both householders and many local independent retailers with organic fruit and vegetables from local producers.
  • External event caterers on council land are being encouraged to adopt catering awards, giving preference to higher achievers where contract specifications and cost issues permit.
  • The Sustainable Restaurant Showcase, run by Cambridge Sustainable Food as part of Eat Cambridge 2015, featured 11 local eateries that provided a sustainable dish made with locally sourced ingredients. Around 700-800 sustainable dishes were served over the festival fortnight.