Who We Are


Cambridge Sustainable Food is a network of public, private and community organisations in Cambridge and the surrounding villages, working to promote food that is good for people and good for the environment. It had its first committee meeting in December 2013, following a consultation workshop on November 18th, where a variety of local organisations met to hear about the national Sustainable Food Cities Network and decided to form a local Sustainable Food City.


Cambridge Sustainable Food is an unincorporated group with a governing document.

The following people are the current members of the committee:
Bev Sedley, Chair (Cambridge Carbon Footprint)
Ann Mitchell, Secretary (Transition Cambridge Food Group)
Duncan Catchpole, Treasurer  (Cambridge Organic Food Company)
Sally Fenn, nutritionist
Carine Henry, paediatric dietician
Graham Saint, Cambridge City Council office
Courtney Hood – Sustainable Food Policy Expert
Kati Preston – Transition Cambridge
Helen Reed – Public Health Nutritionist Cambridgeshire County Council


See the list of our member organisations here.

Funding so far has come as small grants from Cambridge City Council’s Sustainable City fund, supplemented by donations from individuals, as well as some sponsorship. Since April 1st 2015, CSF is a separate organisation with its own bank account. Before this point it was hosted by Cambridge Carbon Footprint, a member organisation, who dealt with all income and expenditure through a restricted fund in the CCF accounts.