woupWOUP soup is a new company specialising in making tasty soup from surplus food. WOUP was founded by Alex Collis and Zoe Loughlin a few months ago, and the company has already been met with great success.

They are a not-for-profit social enterprise, so use their profits on tackling issues such as food poverty and waste.  Both Alex and Zoe are both extremely passionate about tackling the issue of food waste, having both worked in this area before.

Currently 1/3 of all our food goes to waste, even though the majority is perfectly edible. WOUP aims to challenge this, by proving that delicious and wholesome soup can be made out of wonky and unloved veg.

The suppliers of the veg vary, from farms who are unable to harvest some veg due to a drop in the market, to wholesalers and retailers who would otherwise throw their surplus food away. Some bakeries are also helping the cause by donating surplus bread, which is made into tasty WOUTONS!

The flavours of soup that they provide are adapted weekly, depending on what seasonal veg is available, and it is served in handy portion size packages which are great for on the go.

You can buy WOUP soup from numerous food outlets across Cambridge, including Emmaus in Landbeach, Radmore Farm Shop, COFCO and Burwash Larder in Barton. The company also does office drops, supplying offices around Cambridge with delicious, wholesome lunches.

Be sure to check out their website (www.woupsoup.org.uk) and social media accounts for more information about the company, and to keep updated with their upcoming events and stalls happening within the Cambridge area.