WWII Rationing Recipes

Traditional World War 2 Recipes

Modern Recipes in the Rationing Spirit

The links above lead to handy pages containing recipes which hope to offer our rationing challenge participants for some cooking inspiration. For those who are deeply dedicated to our challenge, the traditional recipes offer an insight into the food that would have been eaten during the war. The modern recipe link, on the other hand, aims to show participants that rationing meat, dairy and sugar is not too horrible, there are many delicious, contemporary recipes that can be made whilst following your rationing quota! During WWII Britain had to move away from foreign imports and towards home-grown produce, meaning only foods that were in season were available to buy. Buying local, seasonal produce, reduces the environmental impact of food consumption, so try and look for British produce when you go to the shops, and check out seasonality charts (see below) when you are meal planning.

So what is in season and readily available over the course of the challenge? Summertime in the UK means that there’s an abundance of fruit and vegetables available, some of which are mentioned on this webpage. If you’re visiting this page in autumn, winter or spring then please check one of the many ‘What’s in season’ charts that are available online.

There’s so much more fruit available over the summer than at other times of the year, so why not plan ahead and make some preserves?  Click here to find out about ways to preserve fruit.