Zero Waste Kitchen Challenge

The Zero Waste Kitchen Challenge is part of the national ‘Waste Less, Save More’ campaign run by Sainsbury’s, which Cambridge Sustainable Food is delighted to be a part of. In partnership with Sainsbury’s, we are offering 30 Cambridge households the chance to take up the Challenge, in an attempt to draw attention to and tackle the problem of household waste.

Participants will receive £50 worth of vouchers to buy kitchen products to aid them in the Challenge, choosing from a shopping list of kitchen items, ranging from blenders to storage devices. The Challenge involves monitoring levels of food waste and thinking up innovative ways to reduce waste, with support throughout from the CSF team. During the course of the Challenge they will also get a home consultation, a handbook packed with tools and tips, and two free cooking workshops.  Upon completion of the challenge, an additional £50 of Sainsbury’s vouchers are available to participants to spend on what they wish.

Interested? Read a more in-depth overview of the Challenge here: Zero Waste Kitchen Challenge Overview. The next round will be occurring in the new year, but sign-ups are already happening.

If it sounds like a Challenge you’re willing to take, please do go ahead and apply here. 

Take a look at the measurement procedures here:           Measurement Guide