Cambridge City FoodBank

To receive your food voucher, you will need to be referred by an agency, for example Citizens Advice, a children’s centre or a health visitor.
To find the full range of agencies, contact the Food Bank here
Once you have your voucher, bring it into the centre in exchange for at least 3 days’ worth of emergency food.
There are six distribution centres across the city, with at least one centre open each weekday (Monday – Friday). These are:
  • St Paul’s Church, Hills Rd, Cambridge (Monday 4-5.30pm, Friday 2.30-4.30pm)
  • Chesterton Methodist Church, Chesterton (Tuesday 10.30am-12.30pm)
  • Our Lady and English Martyrs Church, Hills Rd, Cambridge (Wednesday 10am-12pm)
  • Cambourne Distribution Centre, Cambourne (Thursday 10am-12pm)
  • Church of the Good Shepherd, Arbury (Thursday 11am-1pm)
  • Waterbeach Baptist Church, Waterbeach (Thursday 10.30am-12.30pm)
  • C3 Centre, Coldhams Lane (Friday 10.30am-2pm)
  • C3, Trumpington (Friday 11am-1pm)
 For more information visit