Cambridge Sustainable Food is at the cutting edge of influence to tackle the interlinked contemporary issues of people’s health, food poverty and waste and carbon emissions.


We do this by advocating access to fresh and sustainable food for everyone.

Food Poverty Information and Resources

Our work as part of the Cambridge Food Poverty Alliance, including the Healthy Start Campaign, the Emergency Food signposting tool and our Food Poverty Action Plan.

Member organisations

See the full list of organisations working with us to support and promote sustainable food in Cambridge.

Sustainable Food Directory 

Search the best places to find sustainable food in Cambridge, including restaurants, shops, markets and delivery schemes.


Take the Pledge Award Scheme for Business and join the businesses in Cambridge working to become more ethical and environmentally friendly.


Find lots of tasty recipes, our Community Food Map and some further reading and watching resources.

Projects and Campaigns

Find all our current campaigns, including Veg Cities and Healthy Start, as well as all our community food projects and archived projects.