Veg Cities Cambridge

VEG CITIES is a national campaign developed by Sustainable Food Cities to increase the availability and consumption of vegetables. Sustain, in collaboration with the Peas Please initiative, is working with local authorities, food groups and organisations to encourage cities to grow, cook, sell, serve and save more veg.

Cambridge Sustainable Food has launched VEG CITIES Cambridge to bring the campaign to our city!

The aim of the campaign is to increase the amount of veg we eat in Cambridge. Cambridge Sustainable Food is working in partnership with local organisations to do this through:

  • Increasing public awareness of the health and environmental benefits of eating more veg
  • Promoting the positive environmental and economic impacts of choosing locally grown and seasonal veg
  • Enabling individuals, families and households to buy, prepare and cook more vegetables
  • Increasing the amount of veg-based food served and sold by organisations and businesses
  • Helping people, communities and organisations to grow their own veg.

The key benefits of eating more veg are:

  • Improved health and wellbeing
  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to climate change
  • Supporting local growers and food producers through buying locally 

Find out more about the wonder of veg and make a Veg Pledge for your chance to win prizes from Cambridge Organic Food Company!

Veg Cities Cambridge is supported by a grant from the Sustainable Food Cities Network.