Making Rations Go Further


Are you thinking about participating in our 2017 World War 2 Rationing Challenge? Well here are some handy tips which we have collated, some of which are from a 2015 participant who enjoyed the challenge so much last time, that she is completing it again this year!

Our informant is a former chef who undertook the challenge in 2015 simply because she wanted to see how she would get on. She and her husband are 1940s music enthusiasts and they collect vintage china, which means they are interested in the era. She enjoyed making mock cream, eggless sponge, curried carrots, rock cakes, potato floddies and bubble & squeak. She also took some advice from an elderly friend, who was a child during the war, and hence remembers what her mother did to make their rations go further.

Here are some websites where you can find traditional wartime recipes:

Making Rations go Further
Milk Ration: Buy full fat milk and water it down
Fat Ration: Use all liquid fat from meat. These fats add flavour to our cooking, and people during the war often ate dripping on bread for a meal because they liked the taste
Bread Ration: Use stale bread as garlic bread, breadcrumbs or a dessert such as bread and butter pudding.
Tea Ration: Use a teapot to make your tea ration go much further


Wartime Condiments

HP sauce was available during the war and was used as a condiment to add flavour to food at the table. Bisto gravy powder was used a lot for making gravy for meals. When you are feeling hungry Bovril is a good filler in sandwiches. Marmite was also used in vegetable dishes to give a fuller flavour, for example it is used in the Woolton Pie. In addition, sauces such as Worcestershire and mustard were available and can be used to make your meals more exciting!

Our 2015 participant’s last piece of advice is to enjoy the challenge, and be creative and adventurous with your food.
Do let us know how you get along with the challenge, and if you discover any handy tips yourself!