Organic Vegetable Delivery Service Relaunched 2015-02-04 20-14-57


Waterland Organics are relaunching their vegetable box scheme, offering a subscription service to deliver organic vegetables directly to your door, grown only 3 miles from Cambridge City Centre!

The Waterland Organic Community Support Agriculture (WOCSA) involves paying a fixed subscription to receive 6 – 9 different types of vegetables for 34 weeks of the year. You may even receive more vegetables at certain times when productivity is high! WOCSA are also hoping to include a fruit add-on to the service for 10 weeks of the year. Delivery is free and will be provided by bike-based service Outspoken, for customers who are in Cambridge city centre.circlecarrots_1_200x200

Becoming a subscriber of WOCSA gives you a direct relationship with the people that grow your food and provides seasonal produce with a very low carbon footprint. The scheme also helps fuel the local economy and proves the farm with long-term stability. Better still, many members donate any vegetables they don’t need to FoodCycle, making good use of food that would be otherwise wasted.

Waterland Organics are also taking part in the Community Supported Agriculture Network UK open day on the 1 October 2016. This is an opportunity for Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) schemes across the UK to open their doors to the general public and raise awareness about what CSA is all about – and hopefully recruit lots of new members too. Find out more about the event here.

Subscription numbers are limited so sign up soon to secure your spot!

Find more information about WOCSA here.