Sustainable Food Hub – March Update


CSF’s campaign to create a sustainable food hub for Cambridge is continuing to generate a great deal of interest throughout the city and beyond. Very positive progress has been made in developing the numerous partnerships necessary for the Food Hub to deliver the level of impact envisaged for it.

However, the most exciting bit of news to report is that a site for the Food Hub has now been found! The location is Hinxton Grange, about five miles south of Cambridge.

While this is a little further from Cambridge than would have originally been considered ideal, the site at Hinxton actually has a number of features which make it very attractive indeed. The Food Hub will actually be located on the edge of some beautiful parkland, which is due to be opened as a public amenity. With regards to the aim of creating a workplace that enhances the well-being of the people who work there this supersedes anything we could have previously hoped for. The park is to include a lake, which will not only be a lovely place for visitors to have their lunch beside or go swimming in, it will also provide the means to run a low-energy cold store for the Food Hub. The other thing that the Hinxton site offers that a city based location could not is proximity to growing land. This means that when the Food Hub is used as an educational resource the students who visit can not only receive training in sustainability, nutrition and food preparation skills, they can learn about how food is produced as well.

As the Food Hub project develops, so do the benefits for ‘Friend of the Food Hub’ membership. Now, in addition to the lifetime 10% discount on all Food Hub purchases, ‘Friend of the Food Hub’ members will also get an exclusive invitation to the grand opening of the Food Hub (guaranteed to be worth the pledge on its own) and free use of the showers and changing facilities if you want to go for a swim or a run (did I mention there is also to be a running track?). To become a ‘Friend of the Food Hub you need to pledge a minimum of £100 to the crowd-funding campaign here.

This amazing, ground-breaking project from CSF is not going to happen if the crowd-funding target is not reached, if you want to be a part of something truly great make your pledge today. Let’s make this happen.

Duncan Catchpole

The Cambridge Organic Food Co.