University Research project on sustainability

Volunteers are needed for a research project on sustainability which is taking place 6th-30th July at the City Council’s Mill Road depot.

The project is led by Anglia Ruskin student Shaheera Asante who is conducting the research for her MSc in Sustainaibility at the Global Sustainability Institute, and her thesis is on Communicating Sustainability through Household Waste Reduction. Her study aims to understand public perceptions of, and engagement with, sustainability, and this also includes considering the barriers to public engagement with sustainability, and which public messages and campaigns about recycling and reusing are successful, and which are not.

She is looking for volunteers who would be keen to share their thoughts on these subjects, and and she would particularly be interested in people from the 20-30 years age group in order to get a representative cross-section of the population. After a brief initial phone interview, a more detailed face-to-face interview lasting about one hour would be arranged to suit you, during the week and after working hours if necessary. The process should be an interesting one, and all data would remain confidential.

Please contact Shaheera by email: